Tune In

When she isn’t writing, editing and organizing, Carmen turns the lens toward herself—producing podcasts, videos and other live events for feminist audiences.


Carmen hosts the bi-weekly Popaganda podcast by BITCH Media, exploring cultural issues through a feminist lens that run the gamut from pop music to sex education.

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The Ms. Live Q&A

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Carmen regularly interviews feminist thought leaders in the Ms. library to talk about their work and the future of the movement. The conversations, broadcast live on the Ms. Facebook, reach thousands.

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Trigger Happy

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Carmen and legal analyst Adrienne Lawrence break down the top three hot messes from the headlines each week—and urge feminists to talk back.

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The Bossy Show


In 2017, Carmen and Jill Gutowitz launched THE BOSSY SHOW, a weekly podcast in the style of a talk show featuring social media stars and young celebrities alongside political experts for games, discussions, and action items around issues ranging from challenging authoritarianism to saving the planet. The show was top-ranked on iTunes and featured in TIME and DIVA magazines. It also prompted more than one piece of fan art on Instagram.

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