Writer / Revolutionary / Hot Mess

Carmen’s successful work for nearly a decade in digital feminism—as a writer, social media maven, and activist leader—has earned her the titles of “digital native,” “petulant and idiotic,” “intimidating to some,” and “vapid and uninteresting.” She is currently the Managing Editor at Argot Magazine, Digital Editor at Ms., a Contributor at Everyday Feminism, and Co-Host of THE BOSSY SHOW.

Carmen’s writing spans issues of identity and social justice and marries academia and activism. She also has a lot of feelings and sometimes writes those down, too. Her work has appeared at BuzzFeed, BITCH, ElixHER, MEL, and Feministing, among others. In the past, she was the Feminism Editor, Social Media Co-Director, and Community Director at Autostraddle; a blogger and activist with the SPARK Movement; a writer at Mic; and Managing Editor of THE LINE Campaign blog. When she isn’t writing or editing, she’s on the frontlines of digital movements: Her experiences in advocacy and activism range from creating innovative social media strategies for groups like HollaBack! to launching the successful #EducateCoaches campaign in the wake of Steubenville to managing a media ecosystem at the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Carmen has keynoted and led panels and workshops at events like the National Conference on Sexual Assault, the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference, the Momentum Conference, A-Camp, and the founding SPARK Summit. She’s been interviewed and profiled by media outlets including The New York Times and the Guardian and was forced to wear make-up to appear on Good Morning America and the Early Show. After an interview on NPR’s Kojo Nmamdi Show, her demeanor was described by one man as reminiscent of “Joe Camel the day after a bender.”

Carmen is mother to the most adorable dog on Earth and self-identifies as “the baddest bitch.” She believes in the oxford comma, driving with the windows down, and being jarringly honest on social media.