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Carmen is a SheSource expert with extensive media training and experience who pops up regularly, in print and on-the-air, to sound off in the media about feminist subjects and digital movements.

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If one were to take cues from pop culture alone, the state of young women today might seem rather grim…But the disproportionate amount of ink and pixels spilled on famous and — let’s face it — confused girls like [Miley] Cyrus distracts from the more interesting work of so-called ordinary girls — like Carmen Rios.

New York TimesGirls Tweeting (Not Twerking) Their Way to Power


The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Carmen and her work is that you’re allowed to be fun-loving and outraged at the state of the world; you can wear pink and be taken seriously; you can be obsessed with pop culture and still be an intellectual—as a woman, you’re allowed to be complicated and multi-faceted and celebrated for who you are.

Hannah Hightman, introducing an interview with Carmen for Hypezine

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